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T, Tdawg, Tiramisu aka Tiernan(she/they) is a Los Angeles native who now considers herself a New Yorker since she was christened(spit in the face by a crazy man). In the 5th grade yearbook T wrote that when she grew up she would be:

"an olympic swimmer & ice skater OR a dancer/model/actor/designer"

While she is *shockingly* not an Olympian, she is a Professional Dancer, Singer, and hey two outta six!


It has been a wild couple of Pandemic years, but it gave her the opportunity to come back to the Arts industry with newfound joy, compassion, and excitement. 

She is a BFA graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Department of Drama. 

Tiernan can currently be seen in the Broadway Show "&Juliet". Tickets can be found here: 


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